Two decades of Japan

At the turn of the millennium, I left behind family and friends for the first time in my life and headed East to Japan.  To say that it was a big decision is a monumental understatement:  it was wholly transformative.  The other day it hit me that this year is the 20th “anniversary” of the … More Two decades of Japan

Japan’s World heritage sites 日本の世界遺産

It’s been quite a dry spell recently, photographically.  I seem to be in quite a slump shooting in Hong Kong.  I’ve tried heading to different parts and even using different camera formats to try and break out of it, but for the most part, when I am out, the camera hardly leaves the bag.  Part … More Japan’s World heritage sites 日本の世界遺産

Tokyo Up, Down 東京上、下

Just a quick plug for my friend Xavi Comas’ new work on the website, Lensculture.  As always with his work, he’s come up with a very interesting concept for a photo essay. 僕の友達、ジャビ コーマスはレンズ カルチャーホームページで新作が刊行されました。東京にいろいろな所で撮影しました。面白いと思います。

Asakusa 浅草

Asakusa is the old downtown, or ‘shitamachi’ area of Tokyo city.  It’s where you can go to see what Tokyo used to be like.  Central to Asakusa is the 1300 year old Sensou-ji.  For most people, Sensou-ji and the big lantern adorning the Kaminari-mon (Thunder and Lightning gate) are the main draws but there are … More Asakusa 浅草