First dive of the season この季節に初めのダイビング

I’d been hired on to do a long-term photo project a few months ago and, since this takes up my weekends, last Wednesday’s dragonboat holiday was my first dive of the season.  It was great to get back into the water. 数ヶ月前、長期的な写真計画を就労させました。そして、僕の週末は忙しいです。それで、先週の休みにはこの季節に初めのダイビングしました。 Thankfully, the visibility was quite good.  Not Maldives good, but pretty good for … More First dive of the season この季節に初めのダイビング

First, some scuba shots まず、スクーバで写真

Sorry it’s been so long but now that the summer holidays are officially over, let the postings commence.  Over the course of the summer break, I was first back home to Vancouver (my apologies to anyone I wasn’t able to contact while in the neighbourhood) and then off to Dublin, Ireland for 10 days before returning to Hong Kong last … More First, some scuba shots まず、スクーバで写真