Just a quickie 早いの

Because sometimes a quickie can be just as satisfying.  As I’m getting the rest of my images from my Easter pilgrimage to Japan organized, here are some Pixlromatic shots I took over the course of my trip to whet your appetite. ときどき早いのはけっこでしょうね。今頃、イースター休み中撮った写真を準備しています。そして、このiPhoneで撮った写真を楽しみしてください。

Japan’s World heritage sites 日本の世界遺産

It’s been quite a dry spell recently, photographically.  I seem to be in quite a slump shooting in Hong Kong.  I’ve tried heading to different parts and even using different camera formats to try and break out of it, but for the most part, when I am out, the camera hardly leaves the bag.  Part … More Japan’s World heritage sites 日本の世界遺産