CNY in Florence  春節でフィレンゼに行って来ます

For the past several years, my Chinese New Year holidays have been spent in Europe as a way of taking advantage of the low-season there and avoiding the high-season chaos in Asia.  This year was no different as I headed off to Florence, Italy – with a day trip by train to nearby Siena thrown … More CNY in Florence  春節でフィレンゼに行って来ます

Home for the holidays 夏休みで自国へ帰りました

Late, late, late.  I know.  As usual, I went back home for most of the summer break.  It was great to be home but also as usual, the time just wasn’t enough to see everyone or do everything I wanted. ポストすることが久しぶりですね。あいかわらず、夏休みで帰国をしました。毎年、素晴らしい時間を過します。 Good friends of mine live in North Vancouver, so I spent quite a bit … More Home for the holidays 夏休みで自国へ帰りました

One to go もう一つだけ

There are, I believe, three perfect cameras which have been created.  A triumvirate perfect in form and for the function for which they were created.  They are the three cameras I have lusted over since I first got interested in photography. カメラの歴史の中に完璧なカメラ三つがあると思います。写真術を始めた時からこの三つカメラを素志しました。 The first is the Hasselblad 500 c/m medium format camera.  I first saw … More One to go もう一つだけ