Japan’s World heritage sites 日本の世界遺産

It’s been quite a dry spell recently, photographically.  I seem to be in quite a slump shooting in Hong Kong.  I’ve tried heading to different parts and even using different camera formats to try and break out of it, but for the most part, when I am out, the camera hardly leaves the bag.  Part … More Japan’s World heritage sites 日本の世界遺産

Asian adventure Pt. 2 アジアアドベンチャー 第二回

Ok, so you’d have to be living on a different planet not to know that Japan, particularly northern Japan has been having a hell of a time since March 11th.  Not only do the after effects of the quake and tsunami continue to plague the country physically but tourists are staying away in droves at … More Asian adventure Pt. 2 アジアアドベンチャー 第二回

Nara it is, then それで、奈良に行きます

My original plan was to head out to Mie prefecture for a day trip to Itsukushima shrine, quite possibly the most important Shinto shrine in Japan.  It didn’t quite work out the way I had planned.  The weather didn’t cooperate and I didn’t feel like spending the time (over 1 1/2 hours by special rapid … More Nara it is, then それで、奈良に行きます