Two decades of Japan

At the turn of the millennium, I left behind family and friends for the first time in my life and headed East to Japan.  To say that it was a big decision is a monumental understatement:  it was wholly transformative.  The other day it hit me that this year is the 20th “anniversary” of the … More Two decades of Japan

In search of yakimono 焼き物を探します

I made two other day-trips that I thought deserved their own post. I’m a fan of Japanese pottery and I visited two very important pottery towns in Western Japan: Karatsu and Hagi.  How important?  Well, there’s an adage in describing the preference of tea masters for teabowls:  “Raku first, Hagi second, Karatsu third”  I haven’t … More In search of yakimono 焼き物を探します

Summer in Western Japan 西日本で夏休み

I’m still on about summer.  One could be forgiven for thinking that I’m having a hard time relinquishing the holidays.  One wouldn’t be entirely wrong about that, but no, it’s just that I’m finally getting everything organized.  But the added stretch is OK too; Xmas is just around the corner! また夏休み中撮った写真をポストことです。遅いでしょうね。実は、クリスマス休憩がきます!(笑) As I usually do … More Summer in Western Japan 西日本で夏休み

Just a quickie 早いの

Because sometimes a quickie can be just as satisfying.  As I’m getting the rest of my images from my Easter pilgrimage to Japan organized, here are some Pixlromatic shots I took over the course of my trip to whet your appetite. ときどき早いのはけっこでしょうね。今頃、イースター休み中撮った写真を準備しています。そして、このiPhoneで撮った写真を楽しみしてください。

Tanren 鍛錬

OK, I finally got images scanned and processed from my trip to Japan last month.  Sorry for the long wait. はい、分かっています。久しぶりですね。二月は忙しかったけどフイルムがスカーンをしました。お待たせしました、すみません。 This entire post is from my day photographing Takami Kuniichi at his workshop.  The process he was doing is called “tanren” which essentially translates to “forging”.  Put simply, it’s during this process of making … More Tanren 鍛錬

Pixlromatic viewpoint

So, there I was, on the train heading back to Osaka after having met a friend in Kobe.  I had my iPhone out and thought, “why not”?  I have to admit that while not exactly something I would use for serious photography, using a phone, especially like the 4s with its 8 megapixel camera, does … More Pixlromatic viewpoint