Gracias, Madrid

Well, with all this staying at home, it’s a good time to head back through the archives in order to post on the trips I had been on after my Copenhagen trip, oh so long ago. Let’s start off with Madrid.  Madrid es muy interesante  (Madrid is very interesting.).  Yep, since my trip to Spain … More Gracias, Madrid

Yet again… 今回も。。。

… I wonder where the hell the time has flown to?  Granted, I was on holidays for several weeks and then I needed to get film developed, scanned and edited, but the fact that it’s the beginning of October has my mind spinning a bit. 。。。あと言う間。もう十月ですね。ちょっと信じられない。 As usual, summer back home was fantastic, jam packed … More Yet again… 今回も。。。

Film still rocks!

A little video that’s quite interesting for those of you who, like me, still see the benefits of shooting with film versus digital.  Many of the reasons given in the clip are why I still predominantly shoot film and why I think that, while digital has given us convenience and near instant feedback, many people … More Film still rocks!

One to go もう一つだけ

There are, I believe, three perfect cameras which have been created.  A triumvirate perfect in form and for the function for which they were created.  They are the three cameras I have lusted over since I first got interested in photography. カメラの歴史の中に完璧なカメラ三つがあると思います。写真術を始めた時からこの三つカメラを素志しました。 The first is the Hasselblad 500 c/m medium format camera.  I first saw … More One to go もう一つだけ