Go-anywhere doors どこでもドア

Doors.  There’s just something about them that fascinates me photographically.  Maybe it’s the curiosity of wondering what’s behind them?  Sometimes they might be open just a crack to allow just a glimpse of what they hide.   In some cases, it’s because they’re beautifully constructed.  At any rate, I think they make for a good … More Go-anywhere doors どこでもドア

Prague プラハ

Prague is a city I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember.  Even after such a short visit I can well understand why a friend of mine stayed in Prague for seven years.  It would be an easy city to live in.  It’s definitely a pedestrian’s city and I tried to take … More Prague プラハ

Brno ブルノ

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and lies in the south eastern region of Moravia.  After leaving the hustle of Prague, Brno was extremely quiet.  Kind of a nice change actually.  I think Brno would be a nice place to live.  Like most of the Czech Republic, it has a long … More Brno ブルノ

Inspiration, where are you? 霊感はどこですか。

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted any photo posts.  Sadly, I’ve been struggling with inspiration since coming back from Tokyo.  Despite taking a camera with me wherever I go, I’ve shot very little in the past couple of months.  I expect that to change when I head to the Czech Republic for … More Inspiration, where are you? 霊感はどこですか。