Let’s get going, shall we? 行きましょうか。

I tell you, summer holidays finished and I hit the ground running: work, more scuba, and necessary but mundane things seemed to occupy my time.  Oh, the fact that my scanner wasn’t working for a couple of weeks didn’t help either.  Actually, the scanner was working but, after upgrading my OS X, it didn’t want … More Let’s get going, shall we? 行きましょうか。

Nail on the head

This clip is from the latest Rick Mercer Report and while it’s from Canada, it is a bang-on assessment of the way people act here in Hong Kong.   The only difference between Canada and here is that it’s worse in Hong Kong because the population density is higher.  Like Rick, I’m generally a calm individual … More Nail on the head

Canadian war memorial カナダの戦没者追悼式

Eight a.m., December 8th, 1941.  That was when the invasion of Hong Kong by the Japanese forces began.  Among the British, Hong Kong and Indian contingent defending Hong Kong were close to 2000 Canadian troops.  More than 550 died either in battle or in prison camps.  Of the veterans who did survive the camps to … More Canadian war memorial カナダの戦没者追悼式

Home for the holiday 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰った

I realize it’s been a while but the reason was that I had made my annual pilgrimage back home to Vancouver.  Sadly, as always happens, the time is never enough to see all the people and do all the things planned. 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰りましたので最後ポストは久しぶりです。ざんねんことは毎旅行に全部予定ことをしなかった。 Family and friends aside, heading back to Vancouver from Hong Kong for the … More Home for the holiday 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰った

Strange weather 変な天気

So, here it is the middle of December and the temperatures have been remaining in the 18 to 22 degree range. While my friends in Japan and Canada have been freezing their butts off, I’ve been wearing shorts on my days off. 今12月の半ばですけどここには変な天気があります。僕の日本とカナダに住んでいる友達はもっと寒いですが、香港で温度が18度から22度までぐらい。 I most definitely miss the seasons. Here, things remain green of one … More Strange weather 変な天気