Chinese New Year in London 春節中にロンドンで

Seriously?!  My last post was in November?  That’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?  Well, hopefully what I lack in quantity, I at least make amends for in quality. 本当に?最後のポストは11月で更新しましたか。信じられない。 So yeah, the end of Feb. had me spending CNY in the UK, primarily in London but with the odd day trip thrown in.  Last time … More Chinese New Year in London 春節中にロンドンで

Tokyo Up, Down 東京上、下

Just a quick plug for my friend Xavi Comas’ new work on the website, Lensculture.  As always with his work, he’s come up with a very interesting concept for a photo essay. 僕の友達、ジャビ コーマスはレンズ カルチャーホームページで新作が刊行されました。東京にいろいろな所で撮影しました。面白いと思います。

Showtime 個展

Yes, I realize it’s been a month since my last posting and I apologize for that.  The reason is two-fold.  First, life just hasn’t been all that interesting recently and with all the “real” news out there being published ad nauseum, I don’t see much point in rehashing it here.  Secondly, and somewhat more importantly, … More Showtime 個展