I miss Polaroid

I do.  I really miss the proper, original Polaroid 669 and 665 (colour and B&W, respectively) peel-apart film.  The likes of Impossible Project (or whatever they’re calling themselves now) have done an admirable job of trying to resurrect instant film but they’re still much more finicky and you just can’t do the same type of … More I miss Polaroid

Yet again… 今回も。。。

… I wonder where the hell the time has flown to?  Granted, I was on holidays for several weeks and then I needed to get film developed, scanned and edited, but the fact that it’s the beginning of October has my mind spinning a bit. 。。。あと言う間。もう十月ですね。ちょっと信じられない。 As usual, summer back home was fantastic, jam packed … More Yet again… 今回も。。。

Home for the holidays 夏休みで自国へ帰りました

Late, late, late.  I know.  As usual, I went back home for most of the summer break.  It was great to be home but also as usual, the time just wasn’t enough to see everyone or do everything I wanted. ポストすることが久しぶりですね。あいかわらず、夏休みで帰国をしました。毎年、素晴らしい時間を過します。 Good friends of mine live in North Vancouver, so I spent quite a bit … More Home for the holidays 夏休みで自国へ帰りました

Some events… and that Pride thing. 祭りが見た。

My Lord, where does the time go?  By the time I get this done, it’s going to be time for my next summer holiday. すごい!忙しい時は時間がたつのが早いですね。今年の夏休みのポストを終わった前、次の夏休みをくると思います。 So, what would summer be without a few events to go to?  This year, I was actually in town long enough to attend the Pride festival parade.  I haven’t attended … More Some events… and that Pride thing. 祭りが見た。

Let’s get going, shall we? 行きましょうか。

I tell you, summer holidays finished and I hit the ground running: work, more scuba, and necessary but mundane things seemed to occupy my time.  Oh, the fact that my scanner wasn’t working for a couple of weeks didn’t help either.  Actually, the scanner was working but, after upgrading my OS X, it didn’t want … More Let’s get going, shall we? 行きましょうか。

First, some scuba shots まず、スクーバで写真

Sorry it’s been so long but now that the summer holidays are officially over, let the postings commence.  Over the course of the summer break, I was first back home to Vancouver (my apologies to anyone I wasn’t able to contact while in the neighbourhood) and then off to Dublin, Ireland for 10 days before returning to Hong Kong last … More First, some scuba shots まず、スクーバで写真

Summer, in the city 市の中の夏

Though this year was a little ‘off’ in terms of the weather (as it was in most places around the globe this year), July and August tend to be the best time of the year in Vancouver.  So what’s there to do? 今年、バンクーバーの天気はちょっと変ですけどたいてい七月と八月の天気が一番いいです。そして、何かしますか。 If you time it right, there’s the Kitsilano festival where they close … More Summer, in the city 市の中の夏

Home for the holiday 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰った

I realize it’s been a while but the reason was that I had made my annual pilgrimage back home to Vancouver.  Sadly, as always happens, the time is never enough to see all the people and do all the things planned. 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰りましたので最後ポストは久しぶりです。ざんねんことは毎旅行に全部予定ことをしなかった。 Family and friends aside, heading back to Vancouver from Hong Kong for the … More Home for the holiday 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰った