Sharp Island 橋咀洲

OK, shots from Japan are coming shortly but I thought I’d just get these up first.  We had an absolutely glorious day of diving off of Sharp Island on Sunday.  The weather was sunny and perfect, and the visibility was some of the best I’ve seen in Hong Kong.  OK, we’re not talking the Maldives … More Sharp Island 橋咀洲

Home for the holidays 夏休みで自国へ帰りました

Late, late, late.  I know.  As usual, I went back home for most of the summer break.  It was great to be home but also as usual, the time just wasn’t enough to see everyone or do everything I wanted. ポストすることが久しぶりですね。あいかわらず、夏休みで帰国をしました。毎年、素晴らしい時間を過します。 Good friends of mine live in North Vancouver, so I spent quite a bit … More Home for the holidays 夏休みで自国へ帰りました

First dive of the season この季節に初めのダイビング

I’d been hired on to do a long-term photo project a few months ago and, since this takes up my weekends, last Wednesday’s dragonboat holiday was my first dive of the season.  It was great to get back into the water. 数ヶ月前、長期的な写真計画を就労させました。そして、僕の週末は忙しいです。それで、先週の休みにはこの季節に初めのダイビングしました。 Thankfully, the visibility was quite good.  Not Maldives good, but pretty good for … More First dive of the season この季節に初めのダイビング

First, some scuba shots まず、スクーバで写真

Sorry it’s been so long but now that the summer holidays are officially over, let the postings commence.  Over the course of the summer break, I was first back home to Vancouver (my apologies to anyone I wasn’t able to contact while in the neighbourhood) and then off to Dublin, Ireland for 10 days before returning to Hong Kong last … More First, some scuba shots まず、スクーバで写真

Octopus ate my hand! たこは僕の手を食べた!

Admittedly, that sounds like a gossip rag headline.  In actuality, it only nibbled.  All digits still intact.  Still, it was a bit of a surprise since they typically just scamper away. それは悪徳新聞の標題みたいですね。じつは、たった食い付いたです。まだぜんぶ指はあります。ところがびっくりしたので早く行くはずです。 So, from less near the end of the story.  We were on a night dive at Lobster Bay.  Nice things, night dives.  First, … More Octopus ate my hand! たこは僕の手を食べた!

First underwater photo adventure 初めの水中写真

I finally took the plunge (pun fully intended) and bought myself an underwater housing and strobe to go along with my new Canon G1 X so that I could start doing some underwater photography, since that was one of the driving forces behind wanting to get my certification in the first place. Now, right off, … More First underwater photo adventure 初めの水中写真