Found film

Before the new year, I was on the hunt for some vintage film canisters.  I can’t actually remember now what got me on the hunt for them but I have been using some of the more plain ones to carry my own film around when I’m out shooting.  You just don’t get the metal canisters … More Found film

Detour art fair

This past weekend saw the end of the second annual DeTour Art Fair.  Last year, it took place at the old Victoria Police Headquarters/Prison on Hollywood Road.  This year, it took place at the old Married Police Quarters, also on Hollywood Road.  I see a trend.  Actually, while the headquarters and prison was a great … More Detour art fair

Food! 食べ物!

Whenever I travel, I invariably try to locate a market since, where you find food, you find people and energy.  I noticed the other day that I had quite a number of food-themed photos so thought it might make an interesting post.  Some of these I’ve posted before but others have yet to see the … More Food! 食べ物!