It’s all about me!

A Japanese soul trapped in the body of a Canadian, living in Hong Kong.

English teacher by day, aspiring photographer the rest of the time.

For more of me, check out my photo website as well as my Instagram page.

3 thoughts on “It’s all about me!

  1. I would soooo love to be doing what you are doing: living in Hong Kong, teaching English, enjoying photography.
    Here’s mine life: living in NY, teaching music, love photography. My kids have become very international and I am envious! But I think I am too old to switch gears.
    Your thoughts?


    1. i stumbled upon this blog as i was looking at some pictures. man interesting to see how some ppl wanna live at where i am living at and vice versa. and by that i mean i would love to move to NY, love that city! HK is just like the asian version of NY…


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