Let’s try this again

Well, I certainly didn’t plan on being away from this for 3 years (3 years?!).  Of course, things have happened and travel has been done in that time.  Maybe that’s why I got distracted?  At any rate, I will try to get back to posting things here when I think there’s something of interest to readers.  I’ll try to maintain a photographic perspective.  With that in mind, I’ll start with some fairly current news and then go back in time to update some travel and other photo posts.

So, current news.  I can finally say that I’m a published photographer!  Four years ago, after being introduced to my work, I was contacted by a client needing a photographer for a book project he was starting that would focus on his growing collection of ancient Chinese pottery.  At that point, Ronald really didn’t have a complete vision for what it would look like, but over time, with many changes of mind requiring many photography sessions, The Pottery Age finally came into being.

Produced as a hard-cover, slip-cased edition limited to 325 numbered copies, it is something that both Ronald and I are proud of.  It has been gratifying to see it be so well received for both the writing as well as the photography.  The book launch was hosted by Christie’s auction house here in Hong Kong.  Though I’m sure they are hoping that if/when Ronald decides to move onto something else, they’ll be there to auction off the collection.  (You say pessimist, I say realist.)  The experience has given me some incentive to get into print at least one of the major projects I’ve had sitting on the back burner.  It’s also something that will hopefully parley into more projects to come.




4 thoughts on “Let’s try this again

  1. That’s great, Gordon! Congrats. And yes, hopefully it’s given you the push to do more with your photography and great eye 🙂 looking forward to seeing more of your posts.


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