Cool Copenhagen  コペンハーゲンかこいい

Copenhagen.  When I told people that I was going to visit at the end of my summer break, most people’s first reaction was “That will be great! I’m so jealous.” quickly followed by, “Isn’t it really expensive?”  Honestly, compared to the rest of Europe, yes I suppose Copenhagen is expensive but people, I was visiting from Hong Kong so as far as I was concerned, Copenhagen is quite reasonable.


So, with that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.  I loved Copenhagen!  Well, all of Denmark really.  It’s not that big a country but man, does it punch above its weight.  It sits within my top 5 places in Europe that I would happily live.  For the curious, Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Paris/London round out that list, with Copenhagen nestled closely between Berlin and Prague.  (Caveat: There’s still much of Europe I’ve not explored so that list has the potential to change.)

それで、コペンハーゲンやデンマークは大好きです。本当に住みやすいと思います。今まで、ヨーロッパの中に住みたいの都市は五つである: ベルリン、コペンハーゲン、プラハ、ブダペストとロンドン/パリー。

Like the other cities I listed, Copenhagen has… something.  It can’t really be described other than a feeling of comfort.  The people are friendly, and for those visitors who are linguistically challenged, the locals have a very high level of English.  It is a very compact city and easily covered on foot.  So much so that the transit pass I bought on the first day remained completely unused!  But that’s just me when I travel.  I can easily do a couple dozen kilometers a day when I’m exploring.


I found the food, from the food trucks to more refined cuisine, to be fantastic.  Local craft beers too are glorious.  I highly suggest heading to the one-time meat packing area of Kodbyen for a date of beer and BBQ at War Pigs Brew Pub.  A walk across Christianshavn to Christiana and the Copenhagen Street Food building is well worth the journey.  If you’re feeling flush and have booked in advance, Noma is also in the area.


Let’s leave some room for culture.  There are plenty of museums and galleries to occupy your time.  The National Museum is definitely worth a long look, especially for its coverage of Denmark’s prehistory and Viking age.  If art is more your thing, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and the National Museum of Art should be on your itinerary.  There’s also a raft of smaller galleries scattered all over the city.

コペンハーゲンには素敵な博物館や美術館があります。国立博物館や国立美術館とナイ カルスバーグ グリプトテクがおすすめです。たくさん小さいギャラリーもありまう。

Why confine yourself merely to Copenhagen?  You can easily hop the train and head across the Oresunds Bridge to Sweden.  It’s well worth the effort as Malmo is a lovely little town in its own right.  They had a festival going on the weekend that I visited and the street food alone was worth the trip.  Head inland to Roskilde (Pronounced Rosskeelee.  Figuring out Danish pronunciation is really challenging!) to hang out with the Vikings at the Viking Ship Museum.  I also suggest a trip north to Helsingor and the castle of Kronborg Slot.  This was the setting for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and to celebrate that fact, there have been summertime performances of the play since the 1930’s.  It also has one of the best displays of a castle’s history I’ve seen.  If you’re not claustrophobic, head down into the crypt.  I recommend bringing your own flashlight.

コペンハーゲンから日帰り旅行へ行きやすいです。マールモ スウエーデンに行きました。その日大祭りがありました。ロスキーリーにも面白かっただと思います。バイキング船艇博物館に行ったほうがいい。北上にヘルシンゴル村の城はとても有名です。その場所はハムレットの場面ですよ。かっこいいでしょう。

There’s much more to be said of Copenhagen, but at this point I’ll just let the photos explain the rest.


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