Chinese New Year in London 春節中にロンドンで

Seriously?!  My last post was in November?  That’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?  Well, hopefully what I lack in quantity, I at least make amends for in quality.


So yeah, the end of Feb. had me spending CNY in the UK, primarily in London but with the odd day trip thrown in.  Last time I was in London was summer 2010 and as usual, I was flying completely solo.  This time around, I had the fortune of not only staying with friends, but having a few others to hang out with as well since over the last year, several friends have moved to London for various reasons.  It was a nice change and made for a great trip.


London at that time of year isn’t exactly stellar in terms of weather, but I hardly cared about getting drizzled upon; I am from the “Wet Coast” of Canada after all.  On the other hand, getting hailed upon down on the south coast during a visit to my friend’s parents’ place was something I hadn’t experienced in a hell of a long time.


London is truly one of the world’s first-class cities.  You would have to be incredibly unmotivated to not find something to do in this city.  During the planning stages for my trip, I did a lot of online researching trying to find places and things to do that were outside of the regular tourist traps.  I also consulted friends who know London well and ended up with a long list of bookstores (Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street is a new fave), shopping venues (markets!) and eating/drinking hotspots (craft brews are thankfully becoming a big deal in most pubs).  I barely scratched the surface of the list during my ten day trip.  I guess that leaves something more for next time!  Of course, there were certain touristy things that I needed to do, like taking in Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market on the weekend (crazy busy!), and visiting some of the various galleries and museums dotting the city (because I’m starved for culture in HK).  I also fit a couple of day trips into the itinerary: one down to Bognor Regis on the south coast and another to the ancient city of Bath in order to see both the Roman-era baths as well as the Georgian architecture.  There’s another story to Bath, but that one is still in the making.


That about sums it up for now.  Thanks for your patience. Hopefully it won’t be too long before my next post.


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