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Yet again… 今回も。。。

October 4, 2014

… I wonder where the hell the time has flown to?  Granted, I was on holidays for several weeks and then I needed to get film developed, scanned and edited, but the fact that it’s the beginning of October has my mind spinning a bit.


As usual, summer back home was fantastic, jam packed and over far too quickly.  I managed to get some quality skimboarding time in at Spanish Banks and a road trip up to Whistler to do some ziplining.  I met a couple of lovely women who let me take their photos.  I wandered around downtown trying to be a tourist in my own city.  I pretty much ate my way through much of the visit, either via mom’s home cooking or (re)experiencing with friends the great restaurants and weekend markets that Vancouver has to offer.  Mostly though, as usual, I just tried to see as many friends and family as possible.


One frustrating note, one roll of film that I had in the camera didn’t come out properly.  From experience, I’m pretty sure it was a roll that had gone through the airport x-ray machines too many times.  I never put film in the checked luggage so, for any of you who still shoot film, don’t let the security folk try to tell you their machines are safe.  Maybe once or twice through is ok, but even still, the machines don’t play nicely with film.  I managed to salvage a few of the images, but it’s really frustrating nonetheless to have them not come out the way I envisioned when I took them.

残念ことをしまいました。いい撮った写真のフィルムロールが滅びられました。どのようにですか。空港のレントゲン撮影機で 滅びられたと思います。何度そのロールはレントゲン撮影機に潜った知らない。すこし写真がPhotoshopで救出したのに悔しいです。それで、フィルムを撮れば注意ください。


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