In search of yakimono 焼き物を探します

I made two other day-trips that I thought deserved their own post. I’m a fan of Japanese pottery and I visited two very important pottery towns in Western Japan: Karatsu and Hagi.  How important?  Well, there’s an adage in describing the preference of tea masters for teabowls:  “Raku first, Hagi second, Karatsu third”  I haven’t … More In search of yakimono 焼き物を探します

Summer in Western Japan 西日本で夏休み

I’m still on about summer.  One could be forgiven for thinking that I’m having a hard time relinquishing the holidays.  One wouldn’t be entirely wrong about that, but no, it’s just that I’m finally getting everything organized.  But the added stretch is OK too; Xmas is just around the corner! また夏休み中撮った写真をポストことです。遅いでしょうね。実は、クリスマス休憩がきます!(笑) As I usually do … More Summer in Western Japan 西日本で夏休み