Home for the holidays 夏休みで自国へ帰りました

Late, late, late.  I know.  As usual, I went back home for most of the summer break.  It was great to be home but also as usual, the time just wasn’t enough to see everyone or do everything I wanted.


Good friends of mine live in North Vancouver, so I spent quite a bit of time becoming re-acquainted with what the North Shore has to offer.  I’ve always liked that side of the Straight of Georgia for its outdoor activities, but over the last few years, it’s really been developing infrastructure, making it quite an attractive place to settle down.  So, I played tourist a bit and took in some of the sights that I hadn’t seen in a while: Capilano park and Lynn Canyon park.  I also finally got my scuba drysuit certification out at Whytecliff park.  A handy certification to have when diving in BC waters, as summer temps down at 30 metres are around 9-12 degrees celcius.


So, here’s a selection of film and iPhone images from the trip.  I was a bit surprised to find out how few photos I took, but then I realized, it’s because I’m home, not on a holiday, per se.


Anyway, hope you enjoy.


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