Gimme shelter 泊めてください

A bit of an odd subject heading perhaps, but last weekend, a day before Typhoon Usagi was due to reach Hong Kong, we went diving.  Because of the waves, we ended up being shielded by the appropriately named Shelter Island.  The diving was actually quite good but the strong current and surges made staying still enough to get good shots a challenge.  These are the best of the day.  The octopus was definitely the highlight.

表題はちょっとへんでしょう。でも、先週末にダイビングをしました。その時、台風ウサギは翌日がとうちゃくするつもりでした。それで、シェールター アイランドともりに投錨しました。ダイビングはよかったけど流れは強いだったので写真を撮ることがむずかしかった。この写真は一番いいのだと思います。

3 thoughts on “Gimme shelter 泊めてください

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog. Glad you like the photos.

      As for the perogy/pierogi plural issue, I couldn’t tell you. I grew up in a Ukrainian household and never called them by that particular name anyway.


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