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Random bits from Easter イースターの色々なこと

May 15, 2013

A few more shots from Easter in Kansai that didn’t really fit into contained stories of their own.  I guess the big highlight-that-wasn’t was the big Mitstuyama Taisai; directly translated to “three mountains big festival”.  This is a cultural festival in Himeji city that has been held every 20 years since 1533.  That’s pretty impressive all on its own.  Sadly though, on the first day of the festival, the day that I went, there was almost nothing happening.  Wouldn’t you think that if a festival only happens vicennially (I admit it, I had to look that one up.) would have a jam-packed schedule of events?  I walked around for several hours and except for the crowds of people surrounding the “mountains” and heading into the shrine, that was it.


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