Forgotten Hong Kong 忘れられた香港

Well, to be honest, it’s not so much the parts of Hong Kong that have been forgotten, more that I kinda forgot about these few rolls of film I had that were waiting to be scanned.  From last year!  We had a black-rain holiday here yesterday, so it gave me a perfect excuse to finally … More Forgotten Hong Kong 忘れられた香港

Random bits from Easter イースターの色々なこと

A few more shots from Easter in Kansai that didn’t really fit into contained stories of their own.  I guess the big highlight-that-wasn’t was the big Mitstuyama Taisai; directly translated to “three mountains big festival”.  This is a cultural festival in Himeji city that has been held every 20 years since 1533.  That’s pretty impressive … More Random bits from Easter イースターの色々なこと