Roman holiday ローマの休み。

Yes, I realize it’s been overly long since I posted anything, but things have been frightfully mundane for the past several months.  Thankfully, the status quo was skewered recently by a trip over the Chinese (Lunar)  New Year break with my first ever trip to Rome (I tossed my coin into the Trevi fountain, so I need to go back).


Why it took me so long to get there, I have no idea, as it’s a destination I’ve had in mind for ages.  I knew my pre-trip planning was overly optimistic; there was no way I was going to get to see and do everything I wanted to during one, 10-day trip.  Still, I made a valiant effort and tried to mix things up by not only seeing the major sites, but venturing off the beaten track as much as possible during my wanderings.  And wander, I did.  Since the weather cooperated quite well, I typically walked from morning to night with breaks for lunch and espresso (’cause you can’t pass up espresso in Italy).


So, without any futher ado, let’s just start off with some general photos taken during those wanderings.


One thought on “Roman holiday ローマの休み。

  1. hey,
    good post, but you got it wrong with the ara pacis. it was commissioned in
    13 bce by the roman senate FOR augustus, and dedicated to him and the peace
    he brought in 9 bce. he, himself, never built it, but it does depict his
    political agenda. the latin writing is the ‘res gestae divi augusti’,
    augustus’ account of his deeds and honours while he was alive, which would
    have been read out during his funeral. when you were looking at the text,
    directly behind you was augustus’ mausoleum. here’s the part about the ara

    When I returned to Rome from Spain and Gaul, having successfully
    accomplished matters in those provinces, when Tiberius Nero and Publius
    Quintilius were consuls (13 B.C.E.), the senate voted to consecrate the
    altar of August Peace in the field of Mars for my return, on which it
    ordered the magistrates and priests and Vestal virgins to offer annual
    *Res Gestae Divi Augusti* II.12



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