Japan’s World heritage sites 日本の世界遺産

It’s been quite a dry spell recently, photographically.  I seem to be in quite a slump shooting in Hong Kong.  I’ve tried heading to different parts and even using different camera formats to try and break out of it, but for the most part, when I am out, the camera hardly leaves the bag.  Part of it has to do with Hong Kong not really having a lot of variety; everywhere you go looks the same after a while.  A friend of mine has an alternative theory as to why.  The word “ambivalent” features prominently.  She’s probably correct.


So, I was trying to consider something interesting to post here and noticed a theme that may become a new exhibition in the new year:  UNESCO world heritage sites of Japan.  For more than a decade now, I’ve been visiting a lot of the world heritage sites throughout Japan.  Lucky for me, most of them are situated in the Kansai region but I’ve also been to Nikko in the Tokyo area, and Hiroshima in the south-west.  Unfortunately, I realized while looking though my images that negatives of several other sites I’ve visited are unscanned and back home in Canada.  Ah, well.  It will take a few more years to finish off the complete list, but it now gives me something concrete to work toward.


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