Howth, rhymes with both ホースへ日帰り

The one day trip I did outside of the city-proper was to head off on the train for the short trip to the seaside town of Howth.  The history of Howth, in fact all of Dublin, dates back to Norse conquests of the early 9th Century.  The name Howth is actually thought to derive from a Norse word for ‘head’, which, given that it’s a head-shaped peninsula, sort of makes sense.


If you have the time, you can head over to the island called Ireland’s eye.   There’s a boat that will take you but it only leaves on the hour and I didn’t feel like waiting around.  I feel I’ll go back to Dublin so, maybe next time.


There are also a lovely series of hikes that go up into the heather-strewn cliffs and around the peninsula. Being a working fishing port, there are a lot of interesting seafood restaurants around,  but after hiking around for a couple hours,  I opted for the recommended fish and chips take-out at Beshoff Bros.  It was a bit pricey, but it really hit the spot.


Howth is a lovely little place to go visit but I’m glad I avoided going on a Sunday; apparently much of Dublin migrates to Howth on Sundays.  Take good shoes because the hikes are worth doing.


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