To the green isle 緑島へ行きます

After my trip home to Canada, I still had some holiday time left over and was not content to spend it in Hong Kong.  I had originally thought to go do a bit of a tour of the southern part of Australia for 10 days in order to visit friends but after looking into the cost of flights at that time, decided against it.  So, for the same number of days, and with air plus hotel costing less than air only to Oz, I ended up going to Dublin for the same 10 days I had planned for Australia.  Hard to beat that.


Ireland wasn’t just a whim; I’d wanted to go for a great many years but it never seemed to work into the plan until now.  I spent the entire time in the greater Dublin area but, truth be told, a better way would have been to rent a car and do road trips as well.  I really thought Dublin was a larger city than it is and by day 7, I knew the city pretty intimately.  Still, no real regrets and it was a nice, relaxing time.


So, what does one do in Dublin?  Well, obviously there are some of the tourist things to do like visiting the Jameson whiskey distillery, which was nice, and the Guinness brewery, but that was a bit underwhelming to be honest;  I had more fun making my way through the various ancient pubs of the city.  Of the many recommended ones I visited, I think The Long Hall became my favourite watering hole. Trinity College, the long room specifically, was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Dublin.   If you’re a bibliophile like I am though, even better is the Chester Beatty Library located behind Dublin Castle.  I took a several trips there and was just astounded at what was on display.  It is not to be left out of a trip to Dublin.

ダブリンに何をしませんか。伝統的なパブに行くをすすめです。食べ物はおいしくて安いです。僕の一番好きなパブは「ザ ローング ホール」です。僕は本を大好きです。それでトリニティーカレッジの長い図書館に行きました。いっそのことは「チェスター ビーチー 図書館」に行ったほうがいいと思います。ダブリン城裏にあります。2,3回にいきました。行くたびに出品にあきれ返りました。

Other highlights of the city are the aforementioned Dublin castle,  Glasnevin cemetery, where the who’s-who of Dublin have been laid to rest, Christ Church cathedral, the National museum and the National gallery.  It’s an extremely walkable city and, should you need to, or merely want to take a break for a pint or lunch, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a pub (not that I noticed any dead cats during my wanderings).  If pubs aren’t your thing, Dublin also has a very strong café culture and I was really impressed with the outstanding quality of coffee that you can get in the city.  Hong Kong cafés should take note.


I realize it’s one of the official languages but still, one of the more interesting aspects of the city for me was hearing the prevalence of Gaelic being spoken, especially by young people.  Quite often, a group of local teens or twenty-somethings would walk by chatting away in a mix of English and Gaelic.  I find it to be a fascinating language, easy on the ears and although it seems to be familiar at times, it’s really a very unique language.


Until next time, enjoy the photos.


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