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Some events… and that Pride thing. 祭りが見た。

October 12, 2012

My Lord, where does the time go?  By the time I get this done, it’s going to be time for my next summer holiday.


So, what would summer be without a few events to go to?  This year, I was actually in town long enough to attend the Pride festival parade.  I haven’t attended for almost a decade but I know it keeps getting larger and more popular every year. While that’s a great thing in terms of increasing education and reducing prejudice against the gay community (blanket term there), I have to say I was less impressed with how commercial the whole event has become.


Some of the smaller events/festivals around town included the Powell Street Festival – a very long-running Japanese cultural festival, as well as the Kitsilano days festival where one of the major streets in Kits (4th Ave. between Burrard and Vine for those who know) gets turned into a pedestrian only area.  There’s food and live music and other fun stuff over the course of the weekend.


Smaller still, but no less exciting, especially for a car buff like me, was the Thursday night vintage car show out by the Vancouver airport.  A buddy of mine finished a two-year project with his dad, building a 1929 Ford hotrod, complete with a very unique 1948 flathead V8 engine.  It was great to drive down in the ’29 and check out some other fine examples of vintage American muscle cars and hotrods.


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