First, some scuba shots まず、スクーバで写真

Sorry it’s been so long but now that the summer holidays are officially over, let the postings commence.  Over the course of the summer break, I was first back home to Vancouver (my apologies to anyone I wasn’t able to contact while in the neighbourhood) and then off to Dublin, Ireland for 10 days before returning to Hong Kong last week.


One of the great things I was able to fit in while back home was go scuba diving a couple of times.   First was a boat dive in Howe Sound off the south-east coast of Gambier Island, and then a shore dive at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver.  Thanks to Renee Sutton at Rowand’s Reef on Granville Island for setting these up and leading the Whytecliff dive.  They were great dives and I met great folk but I think I’ll be getting certified for a drysuit before next year;  even in late July, the water temp at 30 meters is only about 9 degrees celcius!  Even with the extra thick wetsuit, that’s cold.  Unlike diving in Hong Kong, it was nice to actually see some larger sea life for a change.  Highlights included seeing a couple of wolf eels and swimming with a couple of harbour seals (though they were way too fast to get a photo of).  I even learned an important, albeit expensive, lesson: a ziplock bag is not adequate at 30 metres of water pressure to stop an electronic car key from becoming water-logged.  Did you know those suckers cost $300 CDN?  Add the $90 taxi fare to bring it out to me.  Ouch!  Well, I won’t make that mistake again.


Since scuba is one area where I do shoot digitally, and therefore don’t need to wait for film to be developed, let’s start with some underwater pics, shall we?


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