Trio Island dive トリオ島

Monday, July 2nd was a holiday here in The Big Lychee; the day after the anniversary of the handover.  Hard to believe it’s been 15 years.  So, a dive out to Trio island was arranged.  Thankfully, the weather really cooperated and we had a great day.  No octopus attack this time but the clownfish were another story.  Don’t believe the Nemo crap Disney serves up, during nesting time these little critters can get nasty.  And they’re strong too!  I could feel them right through my wetsuit when they decided I was getting too close.  The perils of scuba diving.  The one thing this area around Trio has no shortage of is sea urchins.  Hard to get a photo of anything else without one of the spiky buggers getting into the photo.  Like an annoying photo-bomber.  Still getting used to the underwater photo experience but I’m happier with these images.  Enjoy!


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