First underwater photo adventure 初めの水中写真

I finally took the plunge (pun fully intended) and bought myself an underwater housing and strobe to go along with my new Canon G1 X so that I could start doing some underwater photography, since that was one of the driving forces behind wanting to get my certification in the first place.

Now, right off, I’m going to say that the few photos I’ve posted are mediocre, at best, but I wanted to get something up here since it’s been so bloody long!  This trip was literally the very first attempt at shooting underwater, in fact, the first dive of the day had me in the water with just the housing to make sure it was watertight.  Naturally, this turned out to be the better of the two dives in terms of sea life spotting.  Murphy’s Law, huh?  (That Murphy guy is a real pain in the ass!)

Obvious aspect aside, I found out rather quickly that shooting underwater is completely different than shooting on land, particularly when trying to do macro photography.  Since we were right up against an island, and there was heavy wind, dealing with swells while trying to stay still enough to focus was the major problem.  There were times when I tried to anchor myself to a rock with my elbows while trying to focus and take the picture.  Not the most easy thing to do, I assure you.

So, more practice and checking out websites for tips and I might actually have some passable images before too long (fingers crossed).

ようやく、カメラ ハウジングとストロブを買いました。今から、ダイビング中、水中写真を撮ります。



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