Around Osaka   大阪の周辺

A wee note first: After WordPress changed the format of the way photos are viewed, it seemed that the comments I created for each photo could no longer be accessed in the slide format they now get displayed in.  I’m happy to say I discovered that if you click on the “permalink” under any of the photos, it will take you to a “normal” viewing page where you can read the caption and scroll through the photos that way.  If you already knew this, you are more clever than I.  Happy viewing!


There isn’t a lot to be said about this entry; the title is fairly self-explanatory.  I had time to wander Osaka and tried to see places that I don’t normally go to.  I didn’t get to as many places as I had hoped (isn’t that always the way?), but did manage to head to a few places that I hadn’t been to in years and, with the help of friends, experienced a couple more.  I guess I’ll let the photos do most of the talking for me this time.


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