Beyond Osaka 大阪以遠

I did my usual trip or two to Kyoto; once on my own and again with a dear friend (you know who you are).  She had never seen Rokkaku-do temple where the art of ikebana (flower arranging) was born.  It’s a six-sided temple, or “six corners” if you translate directly.  Do you think I could … More Beyond Osaka 大阪以遠

Tanren 鍛錬

OK, I finally got images scanned and processed from my trip to Japan last month.  Sorry for the long wait. はい、分かっています。久しぶりですね。二月は忙しかったけどフイルムがスカーンをしました。お待たせしました、すみません。 This entire post is from my day photographing Takami Kuniichi at his workshop.  The process he was doing is called “tanren” which essentially translates to “forging”.  Put simply, it’s during this process of making … More Tanren 鍛錬