New toy… uh, I mean tool 新しい撮影道具

Ok, so the scanner issue has been resolved, no thanks to Epson by the way.  That means that I’ve been able to scan most of the backlog of film that sat there while I was trying to figure out what to do about the scanner.  Essentially, it required me to completely uninstall the program and then re-install it from the original disk.  At least it’s working now.


When I bought my Leica, I posted about it, my Hasselblad and the other object of my desire, a Rolleiflex 2.8F.  I’ve now included another TLR in the mix: the Mamiya C330F.  I purchased one about a month ago because I really miss shooting medium format for some things and, as with the Rollei, being a TLR with no mirror to crash up and down like my Hasselblad does, it’s whisper quiet when the shutter goes, “snick”.   For a street photographer, that plus the fact that you look down into the camera’s viewfinder means that you’ve taken the picture before the subject figures out what you’re up to.  Sneaky!  There’s no light meter in the Mamiya though, which means I need to rely on experience and my trusty Sekonic, which is fine.

3年前ごろ、ライカーM6を買いました。その時僕の一番好きなカメラついてを書いてました。今から、リストにもう一個を追加したいです:マミヤC330F TLRです。このカメラは中判カメラです。それで、大きいフイルムを使っています。鏡がないのでとても静かです。

Now, I still believe the Rolleiflex is still a superior camera, first off, it’s smaller and does have a built-in light meter, not to mention the amazing Zeiss glass in the lens, but it’s not superior enough to warrant the exhorbitant prices they now command – easily quadruple or more the price I paid for the close-to-mint condition Mamiya I bought.  Price aside, there are even a couple of things that make the Mamiya better than the Rollei.  First off, there are interchangable lenses available.  The standard lens is the 80 mm/ f2.8 but there are wide-angle and telephoto options as well, making it a much more flexible camera than the Rollei.  Also, because the Mamiya focusing system operates on a bellows, you can do some serious macro photography (though that’s best done on a tripod, I found).


The group of photos I’ve included here are some of my first from the camera.  More to come soon(ish).


One thought on “New toy… uh, I mean tool 新しい撮影道具

  1. Wonderful shots and a great camera. I’m on my third Mamiya TLR (first two were stolen) and love them. I know a lot of people over the years that have done a lot of macro work with theirs and used the porromender to correct for the parallax issues that are inherent with twin lens cameras. I see them every now and then on eBay or at KEH, but have never gotten one as I don’t do that much macro work. I did however, just pick up a CdS Porrofinder and love it. I’ve always used either a light meter or my own experience to set the exposure, but I love how accurate the meter is in mine.


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