In the meantime… とりあいず。。。

One of the problems with shooting film, as opposed to digital, is that one needs to rely on a scanner to create digital files in order to post them on blogs.  Well, I’m having an issue with my scanner at the moment so cannot scan the several roles of film I have recently developed.  Therefore, I present you with something photo-related, though not my own.

Some of you may already be aware of Scott Schuman, otherwise known as The Sartorialist.  I’ve been following his blog for years, and I greatly admire his style of street photography.  He was in Tokyo in the summer doing a shoot for Brother printers and they produced some interesting behind-the-scenes short documentary videos of how he gets the shots he does.  I’m going to have to give more effort to emulating him when I’m in Osaka in January.  Click on the photo to take a look.


スコットシューマンは知っていますか。アメーリカー人ファション写真家です。彼のブログの名前は「ザ サートリアリスト」です。8月、東京市に撮影しました。面白いドキュメンタリー映画を見る為に上の写真をクリックして下さい。日本語の字幕があります。

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