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Tai O, revisited タイ オ村、戻りました

August 1, 2011

Last Sunday, I headed out to the old fishing village of Tai O on Lantau Island.  I’d been there once before, years ago but decided to take advantage of the good weather and get out of the city.

先週末、ランタウ島のタイ オ村に行きました。3年前頃も行きましたが週末の天気はよかったので日帰りをしたかった。

Tai O is referred to, locally, as “Venice of the East”.  I think that’s giving it a bit too much credit but the reasoning comes from all the stilt-houses that line the canals.  Traditionally, the village survived on three things:  fishing, salt harvesting and being a transfer point for the smuggling of goods and people between the mainland and Hong Kong by the “snakeheads” (gangsters).  The salt flats are no longer harvested, and as far as I know, the smuggling operations are no longer going on either, but the majority of the populace still make their living from fishing and the other associated businesses, especially tourism.  Two of the most “famous” products created in Tai O are dried, salted fish and shrimp paste (which reeks to high-heaven as it dries in the sun).

タイ オ村はいい所だと思います。昔、タイ オの業界は三つでした:漁業と塩の採取と中国から香港まで密売ことありました。今、塩の採取と密売はもうありませんですが漁業はもうあります。この頃、タイ オ村の名物は塩魚と海老すり身で。実は、その海老すり身の匂いは臭いと思います。食べる事が分かりません。でも、ナットも食べる事が分かりません(笑)。

Traipsing around the village is time well spent, which is a good thing since it takes a fair amount of time to get to.  If you’re looking for something a little more laid back and you have the time, I recommend making visit.

タイ オ村へ行く事はちょっと難しいですけど時間があれば行ったほうがいいです。楽しめると思います。

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