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Asian adventure Pt. 1 アジアアドベンチャー 第一回

June 1, 2011

Ok, perhaps “Asian adventure” is a bit too grandiose for the trip I took my parents on over the Easter holiday but since my parents are in their late seventies and have never ventured outside North America, just getting on the plane was an adventure as far as they’re concerned.


There was most certainly a bit of culture shock in dealing with the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong for the four days they were here but given their lack of travel experience and ages, they handled it all amazingly well.  I wanted to give them a wide-ranging experience in the short time they were here so we went for dimsum, chicken feet and all, with friends at Western Market (thanks all), saw the view from the Peak, and handled the annoying Americans seated behind us at lunch with aplomb (it wouldn’t be a stereotype if there weren’t some truth to it all).  We also managed to catch a lion-dance festival at the Tin Hau temple at Stanley and of course the evening light show from Tsim Sha Tsui after a ride across on the Star Ferry.


And like that, the time in Hong Kong was done.  Next stop, Kansai, Japan and more photos than this post.  Promise.


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