One Life Photo Contest 写真コンクール

Just a quick post to say that I’ve entered an international photo contest, “One Life” in the “places” category.  In addition to the judged prizes, there’s a people’s choice award.  If you could take the time to head over to my portfolio and vote it would be much appreciated.  Also, if you could please spread … More One Life Photo Contest 写真コンクール

Asian adventure Pt. 2 アジアアドベンチャー 第二回

Ok, so you’d have to be living on a different planet not to know that Japan, particularly northern Japan has been having a hell of a time since March 11th.  Not only do the after effects of the quake and tsunami continue to plague the country physically but tourists are staying away in droves at … More Asian adventure Pt. 2 アジアアドベンチャー 第二回

Asian adventure Pt. 1 アジアアドベンチャー 第一回

Ok, perhaps “Asian adventure” is a bit too grandiose for the trip I took my parents on over the Easter holiday but since my parents are in their late seventies and have never ventured outside North America, just getting on the plane was an adventure as far as they’re concerned. さあ、たぶん『アドベンチャー」はちょっと大げさです。イースター休み間に僕の両親は行って来ました。両親は70代なので飛行機に乗る事はアドベンチャーですよ。 There was most certainly a … More Asian adventure Pt. 1 アジアアドベンチャー 第一回