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Shark fin sidewalk

December 17, 2010

This mind-boggling video was shot by local photographer Alex Hoffard.  In all honesty, as I type this I have no idea what to really say about how disgusting the practice of finning is to me.  It’s estimated that over 70 million sharks are killed each year for their fins alone; the body of the shark, often still alive, is dumped back into the water to die.  Over half of the fin trade is done in Hong Kong to cater for a clientele that claims “tradition” as a logical reason for continuation of the practice.

This video and the associated photos prompted the South China Morning Post to dedicate a couple days of coverage to the issue and even went global as MSNBC picked it up.  As expected, the response by shark fin dealers and the restaurants who serve shark fin soup was fairly vitriolic.

Between this practice and the overfishing of tuna for the exploding sushi market, the number of top predators in the ocean is at a critically low level.  When are people going to get the message?

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