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Off to prison 刑務所に行く

December 15, 2010

From Nov. 26 to Dec. 12, Victoria prison in Central Hong Kong was host to deTour 2010, a showcase for local artists, designers and musicians.  While the exhibits themselves were interesting, as was the photo exhibit of old Hong Kong in the Police quarters, of real interest was the prison itself.  To my knowledge, this was the first time the cells and other quarters of the prison was open to the public.


The sad part of it is how run down the buildings are becoming while the government twiddles its thumbs trying to figure out what to do with the place.  Many great suggestions have been made in the past but a decision has yet to be made.  I’m fairly certain that the government would prefer the site crumble into dust so they can then sell the very valuable plot of land to a developer, despite the public outcry that would generate.  That’s the type of stall tactics you get though in a faux democracy where the people who elect the government are the elite of society, many of whom happen to be property tycoons.


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