Last of Budapest ブダペストは終わりました

These are the last of the photos from the Budapest leg of the trip.  They didn’t really fit into any particular category so I figured putting them together would be the best idea.  They include St. Stephen’s basilica and the view from the top of it after a hell of a climb up the spiral … More Last of Budapest ブダペストは終わりました

Andrassey utca   アンドラシー ウチャ

Andrassey utca (avenue) is probably the most famous strip of road in Budapest.  Named after Prime Minister Gyula Andrassey in 1885, it happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It links Elizabeth Square on one end with the City Park and Hero Square on the other.  In between, all along the wide, tree-lined boulevard … More Andrassey utca   アンドラシー ウチャ

Buda Castle and Gellert hill ブダ城とゲラート丘

The Buda castle town is recommended as the first stop to go to in Budapest so that’s exactly what we did.  It is a UNESCO world heritage site and contains so much more than the castle. ブダ城の村はガイドブークで「最初に行ったほうがいい」と言います。そして、最初に行きました。ユネスコ世界遺産地です。たくさん見物があります。 The castle itself has had quite a turbulent history.  The original was built in the 13th century and … More Buda Castle and Gellert hill ブダ城とゲラート丘