Novodevichy cemetery ノボデビチ墓地

In Russia, or at least Moscow, even in death people have style.  It’s interesting how cemeteries can be tourist destinations.  I guess it’s that link to the past and the chance for new generations to somehow ‘touch’ the famous folk of the past.  Among the notables buried are novelist Anton Chekhov, composer Dmitri Shostakovich, statesman … More Novodevichy cemetery ノボデビチ墓地

Tokyo Up, Down 東京上、下

Just a quick plug for my friend Xavi Comas’ new work on the website, Lensculture.  As always with his work, he’s come up with a very interesting concept for a photo essay. 僕の友達、ジャビ コーマスはレンズ カルチャーホームページで新作が刊行されました。東京にいろいろな所で撮影しました。面白いと思います。

Metro as art gallery 地下鉄は美術館みたい

I figured that the metro stations deserved their own post because they are quite incredible.  My only regret is that I didn’t take more pictures.  Another of Stalin’s projects, the first line opened in 1935 and today, behind the Tokyo subway, Moscow’s system is the world’s second most ridden system with a daily average of … More Metro as art gallery 地下鉄は美術館みたい