Nara it is, then それで、奈良に行きます

My original plan was to head out to Mie prefecture for a day trip to Itsukushima shrine, quite possibly the most important Shinto shrine in Japan.  It didn’t quite work out the way I had planned.  The weather didn’t cooperate and I didn’t feel like spending the time (over 1 1/2 hours by special rapid … More Nara it is, then それで、奈良に行きます

Spring-time in Kyoto 京都に春を楽しみ

Kyoto is definitely one of my favourite places in Kansai and I try to visit a couple of times when I return to Japan.  On different days and with different friends I visited Gion and Higashiyama as well as Arashiyama; some of my favourite areas in the old capitol. 京都は好きです。日本に帰る時、行きます。今回、友達一緒に祇園と東山へ行きました。数日後、嵐山に行きました。 You have two train options … More Spring-time in Kyoto 京都に春を楽しみ