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Congratulations Xavi! ザビ、おめでとう!

December 23, 2009

My friend Xavi Comas is a Spanish photographer and graphic designer who lives in Bangkok.  He has just had one of his ongoing photo projects published in the Asia Literary Review .  Not only that, but he actually got the cover!  His photo essay is on a little known form of traditional Japanese dance called jiuta mai.  The essay of Noe is remarkably shot and like the dance form, is full of nuance.  I highly recommend taking a look at either the actual journal or head over to his website to see even more of the essay as well as the latest stuff he’s been working on.

僕の友達、ザビ コーマスはスペイン人写真家です。最近、彼の写真エッセイがAsia Literary Reviewで発表されました。テーマは地歌舞です。とても面白いですが記事は英語だけです。それからザビのホムページを見て下さい。たくさんきれいな写真があります。

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