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Congratulations Miyata-san! 宮田さん、おめでとうございます

September 10, 2009

My friend Masahiko Miyata from M2 Photo has just had his first photography book published in Japan.  The title of the book is “The story of a swordsmith:  Kunihira Kawachi’s way of life” .  The focus of the book has an interesting connection to my own photo project involving my swordsmith friend Kazuyoshi: Kunihira Kawachi is Kazuyoshi’s oyakata (teacher).  It’s full of fabulous photos that have been taken over a ten year period and shows as the title suggests, some of Kawachi-san’s life away from the forge.  Naturally, it’s a Japanese language publication but there are comments in English as well.  It’s currently available through Amazon Japan . While you’re at it, you can check out Miyata-san’s and the the other two M2 Photo photographer’s work by following the links under “photography” at the right.

先日、僕の友達宮田昌彦さんは新しい書籍が出版しました。 書名は「刀匠  河内國平という生き方」です。先日、宮田さんから一冊が届きました。すてきな本です。面白い事は河内國平さんが僕の刀匠友達の親方です。十年以上、宮田さんが河内さんの生き方を撮影しています。内にたくさん面白い写真があります。興味があればAmazon日本で買います。M2フォトのサイトとブログを見て下さい。右の「Photography』リンクにあります。


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