Showtime 個展

Yes, I realize it’s been a month since my last posting and I apologize for that.  The reason is two-fold.  First, life just hasn’t been all that interesting recently and with all the “real” news out there being published ad nauseum, I don’t see much point in rehashing it here.  Secondly, and somewhat more importantly, I’ve been preparing for my very first solo photo show which will be taking place in October.  Very exciting I must admit.  I’ve had my work in group exhibits before but never just my own.


It’s going to be somewhat of a double-themed show though both themes are connected in that they’re both Japanese images.  The first part will be of my friend, swordsmith Takami Kuniichi.  The second part will be centered on some of the many Japanese temples I’ve visited over the years.  The images are all 10″ square and printed on Hanemuhle bamboo fine-art paper.  Not only is it environmentally friendly, but I though the bamboo would really fit well with the subject matter.  The matte surface has a slight texture to it so really reminds me of the fibre-based paper I used to use when I was still doing my own darkroom printing.  I’m really happy with the results.   Still working out a theme for the show which is a bit difficult with the two parts but also, I want to stay away from the obvious cliches regarding the temple images.


As of Monday I’ll be on holidays which means a trip back home followed by a trip back to Japan (my second home).  I’ll try to get a post done during the week I’m back in Hong Kong between trips.  In the meantime, the attached photos are the ones that I’ll be exhibiting (for those of you not able to attend).


2 thoughts on “Showtime 個展

  1. Great photos. I took zillions of photos while visiting Japan, at least a dozen at the Golden Pavillion. Your photos brought back fond memories.


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