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Hiking to the other “big wave bay” ハイキングで大波湾に行く

June 9, 2009

For such a relatively small area,  Hong Kong does have an abundance of hiking trails that criss-cross all parts of the SAR.    Despite the concrete trails that are so predominant in Hong Kong, some of the best are out in the New Territories and so, since I hadn’t yet been on a hike this year, I decided to remedy that situation.


One of my favourites is a section of the MacLehose trail that goes from Pak Tam Au to the beaches of Tai Wan Tsui or “big wave bay” as it’s translated into English.  It’s Stage 2 of the MacLehose trail but done ass-backwards.  Now, there’s another Big Wave Bay on Hong Kong island but the one out in the New Territories is (usually) much nicer.  I say “usually” because every so often there will be a garbage scow’s amount of crap that gets washed up on the beach.  I have no idea where it all comes from exactly but thankfully this doesn’t happen often.  Since it’s  a bit of a trial to get to, you don’t have to share the beach with many others either.  From Pak Tam Au, the distance to the beaches is around 7 or 8 kilometers making the turnaround distance a pretty good day hike.


Since it goes though highlands and lowlands as well as a few abandoned villages, there’s quite a bit to see, even more so if you keep your eyes open and aren’t trying to blaze through the trail.  The “wilds” of Hong Kong have quite a bit of wildlife to be heard if not seen.  Try to be careful and not step on any of the locals, hmm.  Oh, and if you’re going to head out to enjoy nature, kindly leave your radio at home (yes, people do actually hike with their radios here, much to my chagrin).


After you’ve finished frolicking in the waves, stop for lunch at one of the restaurants at Ham Tin Wan.  There are two to choose from, Hoi Fung Stores or On Kee Restaurant.  My personal preferance is On Kee; the food is good, the beer is cold and the owners are very friendly.  Either one you choose, the view of the beach can’t really be beat.


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