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Cesky Krumlov チェスキ クルムロフ

April 28, 2009

I went Bohemian while I was in the Czech Republic.  No, I didn’t wear a black turtle-neck, beret and begin spouting Beat poetry.  I headed south into the area of Bohemia to the UNESCO site of Cesky Krumlov.  I have to say that I really enjoyed riding the rails in the big, lumbering Soviet era trains that they use for inter-city travel.  I found the Czech countryside to be a lot like back home in BC, particularly like the Kootenays (for those of you who know what I’m talking about)

チェコの南に行きました。世界遺産の村チェスキ クルムロフにいきました。ソ連時代の列車で行きました。大きいし面白かったです。チェコの田舎はカナダみたい。木が多いとか動物があいます。いい雰囲気があります。

I went on a Saturday and by the look of things, Saturday is bike day.  It was nice to see lots of folks loading up bikes of all sorts to head out to the countryside to either hit some of the less busy roadways or the trails.  Mountain bikes are very popular.  Really made me miss having a bike (again) but honestly, to try riding a bike in Hong Kong is definitely an accident waiting to happen.


The settling of Cesky Krumlov by Czechs goes back to the 12th century but apparently, archaeological evidence shows that settlers have been using the area for the last 50-70 000 years.  Not overly surprising given the water system.  The Vltava river literally surrounds the inner town of Cesky Krumlov.  Going into the town really was like stepping back in time.  Really enjoyed hanging out at the alfresco cafes in the great weather.  The castle is really quite huge given the size of the town.  It is in fact second in size to Prague castle which is apparently the largest castle complex in the world.  Not just the castle but the entire town was given UNESCO heritage status in 1992, a mere 3 years after the “Velvet Revolution”.

チェコ人のチェスキ クルムロフの歴史は源平時代に始まりました。でも5万−7万年前ぐらいからその所に泊まっています。古いですね。川は面白いです。内村を取り巻いています。村の中は本当に他の時代みたいです。屋外カフェは好きでした。コーヒーやチェコビールとリーラクスをしました。

Given its old-world picturesque buildings, it’s often used for period drama film sets such as the Edward Norton movie, The Illusionist (great movie by the way).


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