Inspiration, where are you? 霊感はどこですか。

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted any photo posts.  Sadly, I’ve been struggling with inspiration since coming back from Tokyo.  Despite taking a camera with me wherever I go, I’ve shot very little in the past couple of months.  I expect that to change when I head to the Czech Republic for the Easter break.  Just the thought of being in that medieval part of the world gets me thinking about the photo possibilities.  Very exciting!

At the same time though, I’m trying to look at Hong Kong with new eyes and try to be more assertive in my photography.  Part of the problem I (and other photographers I’ve chatted with) find in Hong Kong is that the people are very closed off.  Even more so than the Japanese I find.  Though perhaps the fact I speak Japanese helps because I don’t feel as much trepidation in approaching people for a photo.  Even if Japanese people don’t want their picture taken, they’ll let you know in a non-aggressive manner; turning away, putting a magazine in front of their face, that sort of thing.  In Hong Kong, the reaction to a stranger taking their picture is much more forceful which makes me a bit nervous to even try to snap the pictures I see in the first place.

I’ve recently been inspired by another photographer though.  A couple months ago I went to Xavier Comas‘ photo exhibition here in Hong Kong.  It was the opening so he was in attendance and, as the subject matter was about Japan, we had a lot to talk about.  He’s back in town and we’ve managed to get together and share photo stories and we’re planning on heading out to do some shooting and hopefully challenge each other with what we find.  I highly recommend checking out his website (linked above or to the right), in particular his project called Jiutamai.

I will of course have more photos to post after I return from the CR but, until then I hope you enjoy the gallery of Hong Kong shots.  Some have been posted before but others are new.





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