Almost there… ほとんど。。。

So, my new travel journal is made and almost all the plans have been finalized and I’ll be in Tokyo for the holidays, returning to Hong Kong January 2nd.  Since this is my first trip to Tokyo, I’m pretty excited about a new adventure in Japan.  Western Japan I know reasonably well but East of … More Almost there… ほとんど。。。

Canadian war memorial カナダの戦没者追悼式

Eight a.m., December 8th, 1941.  That was when the invasion of Hong Kong by the Japanese forces began.  Among the British, Hong Kong and Indian contingent defending Hong Kong were close to 2000 Canadian troops.  More than 550 died either in battle or in prison camps.  Of the veterans who did survive the camps to … More Canadian war memorial カナダの戦没者追悼式